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    • For The Standard Residential Valuation, Each Report Is Generally Delivered The Second to Third Business Day After Field Inspection & Analysis of The Dwelling is Complete & Payment Received. Delivery Is Performed Via Email, Occasionally Hand Delivered From Time To Time and Mailed When Requested (Please Allow Additional Turn Around Time For Mail Delivery). Delivery By Fax is Also Available But Not Recommended As Colored Pictures are Provided Within The Body of The Full Furnished Report & Do Not Fax Well.
    • Each Valuation Is Generally 12 To 20 pages, Providing All Formats Of The Report Including The Standard & Summary Forms Which Are The Forms Reviewed By The Insurance Company.
    • Each Valuation Comes With A Comprehensive Breakdown For Each Buildings Footprint And Thorough Analysis Is Taken When Reviewing Second And Third Floor Areas etc In Order To Provide As Perfect As Possible Measurements. Each Sketch Is Personalized Using The Latest State Of The Art Technology Catered To The Inspection And Appraisal Industry, Featuring Color and shading partitions, Linear Footage For Each Wall System Inputed And A Thorough Brake Down Of Each Components Square Footage.
    • We Understand That Most Inspectors And Appraisers Use The Tax Assessors Measurements In There Reporting As A Way To Make It Easier For Them. We Don't Believe In These Shortcuts As They Leave Possibilities Of Over & Underestimating The Full Value Of The Dwelling And In Turn Does You, The Client A Disservice.
    • All Our Valuation Reports Come Standard With Our Customized, Highly Detailed Diagram Page Utilizing The Industries #1 Sketching Software And To Provide You And The Company With An In-depth Analysis Of The Dwellings Parameters, So Your Client Can Get As Close To 100% Cost Replacement As Possible.
    • Since The Inception of The Independent Valuation Requests By Citizens, We Have Been There Valuating Homes Of The Most Modest Components To Dwellings Valued In The Millions. From Single Family Dwellings Ranging From Under 1,000 Square Feet To Over 7,000 Square Feet. From Apartment / Condominium Buildings of Roughly 7 Units to Multiple Building Complexes of well over 0 Units. From One Story Joisted Masonry Buildings to Over 5 Story Fire Resistive Structures. If You Need An Affordable, Detailed, Professional Insurance Valuation For Your Single Family, Duplex, Triplex, Apartment/Condo Buildings etc. Then Look No Further.
    • We Have Been Providing Insurance Valuations For Single Family Homeowners, Condo and Apartment Building Owners For Cost Replacement To There Insurance Companies  Such  As Citizens, Florida Peninsula, Gulf Stream, United Property and Casualty, Universal  USAA Etc. (Please Keep In Mind, Every Insurance Company Has The Option To Except or Deny A Newly Furnished Valuation Report, Though We Are Proud To Say That To Date, Our Reports Have Never Been Rejected By Any Company As Per Our Records.)

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