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Please Take A Moment And Explore The Future Of Reporting!

We Have The Combined Knowledge Of Over 56 Years In The Commercial & ResidentiaConstruction Fields.

All of Our Home Inspection Reports Are Custom Made With You In Mind. Our Forms Are Not Made By An Outside Vendor As Most Inspectors Are. With Our Cutting Edge Abilities To Minipulate OUR Forms To Meet YOUR Needs, We Have Devised Some Of The Most Earth Shattering Compilations. Plus, Another Benefit To Having The Tech Savvy Staff, Our Forms Are Ever Changing To Meet The Quality In Reporting You Deserve.

From Our Basic Home Inspection To Our Most Comprehensive, You Get Detailed Reporting With Narratives Outlining Every Component In The Report And Detailing Any Area With Deficiencies.

For Those Prospective Home Buyers In Need Of A Fireplace & Chimney Inspection, We Bring In The Big Guns. Our Fireplace/Chimney Inspections Are Performed By None Other Then The Professionals Themselves. With Over Thirty Years In Chimney Maintenance, Repairs, Cleaning & Inspections, Our Inspector Misses Nothing. Plus, Did We Mention He Is The Only State Certified Residential Contractor In The Region With This Kind Of Hands On Experience! This Coupled With One Of The Highest Quality, Easiest To Read And Highly Graphical Chimney Inspection Forms In The Home Inspection Industry Within The State. You Can Feel Safe The Next Time You Sit Next To The Fire On That Cold Night.

Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors 




     When Quality And Professionalism Is The Inspectors Driving Force, Everyone Wins!

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What We Inspect:

1. Foundation components-Stem Walls, Pilings, Piers, Monolithic Slab Etc.

2. Visible Structural Components.

3. HVAC System- Heat Pumps, Air Handlers, Condensing Units, Air To Air, Visible Ducts, Package Units Etc.

4. Plumbing- Visible Pipes/Fitings, Fixtures, Traps, Valves, Hoselines, Water Closets, Water Pressure Etc.

5. Crawlspaces if any.

6. Porches and decks- Roof Overs, foundation, flooring material, grade surrounding, Steps To Etc.

7.  Doors and windows- Sills, Jams, System Function & Condition.

8. Driveways and garage/s- Drive Condition, Automatic Overhead Doors, Manual Overhead Doors, Side Doors, Interior Wall Finishes, Wiring, Appliance Placements and Visible Conditions, Laser Sensors Slab Conditions, Asphalt Condition (If Applicable), Visible Ceiling Area And Attic Overhead (if Applicable) Etc.

9. Grounds and grading- Irrigation Factors, Aesthetical Condition, Fencing Etc.

10. Electrical System- Visible Wiring, Junction Boxes, Gang Boxes. Visible and Accessible GFCI Outlets & Any Down Stream Receptacles. Service Panel Including Breakers, GFCI & AFCI Breakers and outlet Testing Down Stream. Distribution Panels Including Breakers, GFCI & AFCI Breakers and outlet Testing Down Stream.

11. Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

12. Roofing Systems- Roof Geometry Break Down, Stack Venting/Caps, Weather Hoods, Skylights, Eaves, - gutters.

13. Attic & Insulation- Visible Truss Systems, Rafter Systems, Joists, Sheathing, Any Water Damage, Rodent or Visible Termite Damage.

14.  Eaves, Soffit, Fascia & Rakes.
15. Interior-
Ceilings, Floors, Walls, Doors

16. Chimneys- Chimney Cap/Spark Arrestor, Crown/Wash, Brickwork/Mortar, Flashing, Flue Liner, Moisture Resistance.

17. Fireplace- Smoke Chamber, Damper, Firebox/Grate, Ash Container, Spark Screen/Doors, Tools/Gloves, Hearth Protection, Etc.

18. Wood Stove or Fireplace Insert - Stovepipe Condition(Wood Stove), NFPA Approved Flue Connection, Installation, Thimble & Clearances.

Plus, Any Gas/Oil Furnace Flue Liners.

19. Exterior siding and/or stucco

& Much Much More!


View Our Basic Home Inspection Standards Of Practice Here



Please Excuse The Absence Of Any Material Information Expected To Be Here As This Area Is Under Construction.